Advertising and Interactive Juries Headed to Costa Rica

The Design, Illustration, Photography and Motion juries will hold down the fort under the invincible lights of the Big Apple, but the Advertising and Interactive juries are headed a bit further south.

For the first time in 92 years, both the Advertising and Interactive judging will take place in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica at Playa Tamarindo and the Tamarindo Diria Beach and Golf Resort.

The Advertising and Interactive Jury Chairs and ADC Awards Team will lead the juries through mountains of stellar entries, and not one person on either jury will be let out into the sunshine until the best of the best and the true warriors of art and craft in advertising have been identified and awards designated.

When they are not locked up in the jury rooms (we have a feeling we will have an incredibly productive judging process this year) the judges will be released into the sun, where there will be plenty to do. Tamarindo boasts activities from surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing, to sailing, horseback riding, eco-tours, bicycling and more. The town is just a short walk from the resort for those looking for local flavor, but for those just looking to stay put and relax, leaving the resort won’t be necessary. A variety of restaurants, bars, pools and of course, the beach, cover the grounds of the Tamarindo Diria. Jury members will be welcome to bring their families and enjoy the area during their downtime.

Jury members for all six juries will be announced in the coming weeks at, so stay


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