ADC’s Terms and Conditions

To understand ADC’s Terms and Conditions in practice in plain English (please see bold):

“All entrants to the ADC Annual Awards and ADC Young Guns grant The Art Directors Club, Inc. the right to reproduce their entries in whole or in part in any media now known or hereafter created, including but not limited to, the Art Directors Annual, ADC Young Guns catalog and in other publications, media and archives sponsored or published by or on behalf of The Art Directors Club.”

–During the 88 years of its existence, ADC has published 87 printed annuals on behalf of the ADC Annual Awards and more recently has been building an online archive to memorialize winner’s work with complete credits.
ADC also exhibits award-winning work with complete credits in original and digital formats on a worldwide tour and in ADC’s NYC gallery.
Since ADC’s founding new media platforms have been introduced – the clause seeks to cover these eventualities and to ensure that ADC Awards may utilize these technical advancements in promoting award-winning work.

“All entries to the Annual Awards and ADC Young Guns become the property of The Art Directors Club. Entrants also agree to indemnify and hold The Art Directors Club harmless of any claims whatsoever, including but not limited to those that may be made against it by reason of any use of their entries permitted by this agreement. The Art Directors Club does not guarantee a winner in every category, as the nature of the competition is subject to jury discretion.”

–As to entries being ADC’s property, we refer to the physical entry itself (ADC cannot return it). If your entry wins, we’ll ask you to submit your best version to ensure it’s best representation in the ADC Annual, ADC Archive and on ADC Exhibition.
Indemnification clauses are the norm.
Juries have on occasion determined that none of the entries merit the ADC award.

The Art Directors Club may, at its sole discretion, charge a service fee for use of materials, and may reproduce any and all materials in whole or in part as it deems appropriate. Upon publication of entries, the entrant will be notified and may be required to absorb any talent or other residual charges that may be incurred if these charges are not waived by the individuals or unions involved.

–These clauses have never been exercised.
(ADC is considering amending this language to indicate that participation is “at will” which is the original intent.)

All entry fees are nonrefundable.

–ADC is a non-profit, all proceeds from the annual awards fund member/non-member programming and ADC scholarships.