ADC Young Guns Roundup: May 26–30, 2014

Every Friday, ADC recaps the week that was, as it relates to ADC Young Guns winners past and present.

Lindsay Ballant: Foreign Policy
Since ADC Young Guns 7 winner ​Lindsay Ballant joined Foreign Policy, her portfolio has grown quickly with work featuring YG collaborations. Lindsay serves as FP’s creative director, overseeing print, digital, and branding in Washington, D.C.

Wendy W Fok + MAD: Studio Sunday
ADC Young Guns 11 winner Wendy W Fok will be leading a 3D printing workshop at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC this weekend as part of their Studio Sunday series. The workshop is a collaboration between WE-DESIGNS and Solidoodle, and it takes place June 1 at 2PM.

Xavier Barrade + Google: Spell Up
ADC Young Guns 11 winner Xavier Barrade has been working on a new Google Chrome Experiment called Spell Up, a word game that helps you improve your English using your voice.

Ross Mantle: New Cars, New Work
ADC Young Guns X winner Ross Mantle’s new photography series from the Subaru factory in Indiana was featured in issue 74 of Monocle.