ADC Young Guns Roundup: April 28-May 2, 2014

Every Friday, ADC recaps the week that was, as it relates to ADC Young Guns winners past and present.

Ryan Hopkinson: Lurpak Cook’s Range
ADC Young Guns 11 winner Ryan Hopkinson’s latest campaign for Wieden + Kennedy brings his incredible skill in photography to the print campaign for the release of the new Lurpak Cook’s Range line.

Philipp Hubert: New Website
​ADC Young Guns 6 winner Philipp Hubert has launched his new website for Hubert & Fischer, the studio he started with Sebastian Fischer operating out of New York City and Stuttgart, Germany.

Andy Rementer: Meet Me Later
This week, ADC Young Guns X winner Andy Rementer presented brand new painting and drawing work at his solo show, Meet Me Later. The opening reception was yesterday, while the exhibition will run at Mondo Cane in New York City until May 17.

Owen Gildersleeve: Heavy Pencil
ADC Young Guns 9 winner Owen Gildersleeve returned to Heavy Pencil at London’s Somerset House yesterday. The event features day-long celebration of live music, art and graphic design.

ADC Saturday Career Workshops: Wael Morcos
The next installment ADC Saturday Career Workshops is tomorrow, with ADC Young Guns 11 winner Wael Morcos at the helm.