ADC Young Guns Roundup: April 21-25, 2014

Every Friday, ADC recaps the week that was, as it relates to ADC Young Guns winners past and present.

Crobin: The Clown Show
ADC Young Guns 8 winner Crobin wrote, directed and edited this banned Clown Show spot for British job hunting company Jobbuilder, “proving that laughter isn’t always the best medicine”.

Brent Couchman: Moniker + Grain Edit
ADC Young Guns 9 winner Brent Couchman was interviewed earlier this month by Grain Edit for their Design in Process series, hot off the new site launch for his San Francisco based studio, Moniker.

ADC Saturday Career Workshops: Rich Tu
The Spring 2014 series of ADC Saturday Career Workshops kicks off tomorrow, with a program from none other than ADC Young Guns 8 winner Rich Tu.

Apple Store Live Event: Playlab Inc.
ADC Young Guns 11 winners Playlab Inc. will be speaking at the SoHo Apple Store in New York, NY on April 28, 2014 at 6:30 PM

And of course, the final deadline for submissions for Young Guns 12 is next Wednesday, April 30. Chop, chop!