ADC Young Guns Live: The Women Vanguard

ADC Young Guns Live: The Backstory
“The Women Vanguard”
Recorded April 2007

Tracy Boychuck, Trooper, YG1 (1996)
Leanne Shapton, YG2 (1998)
Julie Hirschfeld, Stiletto, YG3 (2001)
Deanne Cheuk, Deanne Cheuk Design, YG4 (2004)
Stella Bugbee, Stella Bugbee Studio, YG5 (2006)

Five ADC Young Guns, one from each ADC Young Guns class and all of them women, have taken very different career paths, made personal choices in both their careers and lives, and found work they like to do. They are creative stars, who may be flying under your radar, while shaping creative careers. Each will share their work, their vision of the future, and open their portfolios for a peak inside. This was the first in a series of four lectures sponsored by Adobe.


Tracy Boychuck

Leanne Shapton

Stella Bugbee

Deanne Cheuk

Julie Hirschfeld