ADC Young Guns Live: Designing Minds – DIY

ADC Young Guns Live: The Backstory
“Designing Minds – DIY”
Recorded 2007

This special episode of Designing Minds, part of the ADC Young Guns series, features presentations from two New York City based designers, Chris Rubino and James Victore.

Rubino is a young, individualistic and principled designer whose work has been commissioned by an impressive list of national clients including Guinness, ESPN, Miramax, Condé Nast and the Banana Republic. Victore is a design establishment whose passionate and message-infused work has won an array of national and international awards and is permanently archived in the Library of Congress.

The two discuss what remaining true to themselves means, both in client initiated and self-inspired projects, and how to learn the trade so it becomes a fulfilling lifelong career, not a means to a paycheck. Their stories of bootstrap budgets, self-exploration and visionary design are inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. Sponsored by Adobe.

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Designing Minds

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