1. L-R: Marcos Chavez, Federico Zuleta, Stine Nielsen, Chris Kroener. Photo by Mindo Cikanavicius

ADC Walks DUMBO Close-up: TODA

This Thursday night, get ready for ADC Walks: DUMBO, a neighborhood wide open house celebrating creative entrepreneurship. On November 6, we will be traveling door-to-door in the DUMBO community, visiting a variety of businesses, from design studios to production companies to startups. We hope you’ll join us!

Along the neighborhood tour is TODA, a multidisciplinary design firm with offices Hamburg and London as well as DUMBO. They claim to ” bring form to ideas through a collaborative process that encourages the exchange of varied perspectives which result in holistic visual solutions.” That’s quite a mouthful, but the best way to see if they live up to it is to visit!

We asked Principal and Creative Director Marcos Chavez a few questions about TODA.

Describe your work culture.

At TODA a positive work culture is essential to the work we do and the services we offer. Diversity in ideas, backgrounds and interests are welcome and fostered as we rely on each member of our team to both bring their view points, interests and experiences to the work we create together. We look to our space as an essential catalyst in cultivating our work culture and work to provide an environment that is welcoming, open and conducive to both team collaboration as well as individual thinking. Our team is small but our history long and we value all those that have worked with us over the years, keeping in touch and continue our relationships with former staff. Our believe is that the relationships we create with both our team members and clients is at the root of our success and is at the core of a strong culture that results in work that inspires.

What can visitors expect when they visit your space?

Vistors to our space will find a thoughtful and smart environment that has a focus on creative thinking and teamwork. Our space is set up for both quite individual work efforts (like we often need to do when working on projects) as well as a space that is set up for group interactions with both small and large teams of people. We look out at a stunning view of the city as a key source of inspiration and keep our space open yet resourceful. Designed to change easily, we customize our space for workshops, photo shots, critique events as well as the occasional party. All in an effort to keep both our staff and clients engaged and inspired to do great work.

Tell us something that people might not know about your business.

Our company has a depth to it that isn’t always apparent at first glance. We have been in business for 15 years and have worked on thousands of projects for clients in dozens of industries. Our Brooklyn studio is one of three offices which works with our industrial design partner in London as well as our long time communication design partner office in Hamburg Germany.

Make sure this shop is TODA-ly on your list of places to visit during ADC Walks: DUMBO, November 6 from 7-9 PM.



Photo by ADC Member Mindo Cikanavicius