1. Holbox Island, Mexico

  2. Tulum Ruins, Mexico (God of Winds Temple)

  3. Tulum sea, Mexico

  4. Tulum, Mexico

  5. Playa del Carmen Cenote, Mexico

  6. Playa del Carmen Cenote, Mexico

  7. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  8. Hometown Durango, Mexico - (Illegal tag / IT’S A LIVING mural)

  9. Hometown Durango, Mexico - Illegal tag

  10. Hometown Durango, Mexico - Collaboration Mural

  11. Hometown Durango, Mexico - Fireworks

  12. Hometown Durango, Mexico - Food “Gorditas” typical Mexican food

  13. Hometown Durango, Mexico - View of the city

  14. Mexico City, Mexico - Madero Street / Torre (tower) Latinoamericana

  15. Mexico City, Mexico - Parque de Chapultepec view of the city

  16. Mexico City, Mexico - Coyoacán @ Cafe Avellaneda

  17. Mexico City, Mexico - Hostal view downtown Zócalo

  18. Miami, Wywood - Wynwood Walls featuring Felipe Pantone - action shot (one of my favorite artists)

  19. Miami, Wywood - Wynwood walls / It’s A Living mural @ Wood Tavern

  20. Back 'home' for now in New York City - East Village

ADC Travels: Ricardo Gonzalez

Let's Go Everywhere.

“In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” – Frantz Fanon


ADC Travels is a series where we virtually tag along with our favorite creatives as they travel for work and pleasure. We’ve been to Norway and Portland so far and it’s high time to head someplace warm. 27 year-old designer/typographer/ADC member Ricardo Gonzalez, better known as his Instagram handle @itsaliving, shares his month and a half visit to Mexico and Miami. He apologizes for the quality of the photos as they are from a disposable camera, and said camera may have gotten damaged or wet. We think it adds a ‘traveled’ element. And how much better are real photos than iPhone ones? Click through the gallery above to see Ricardo’s travels (with captions)!

“The trip to Miami was a last minute plan with a couple good friends. We were stay two days and see art and try to meet my favorite artists. We got to Miami and we went to Wynwood. My friend Kelly ended up running into a couple Brazilian street artists, one of them being @adjustmiami, who happened to be the organizer for wall spaces in Wynwood. Kelly introduced us and shortly I was invited to paint a wall in the heart of Wynwood walls at one of the most iconic bars called The Wood Tavern.

I had one day and a half to paint which sounds like no time at all, but I had a previous sketch so that’s what I used. It was raining non-stop but I was lucky enough that the spot had a covering, so I was able to paint most of the time. I met some very talented artists and they were super cool and helpful. Painting in ArtBasel was a goal I’ve had in mind for next year but I was very lucky to do it this year. Can’t wait for the next one!”


ADC: The best thing I saw was:

Ricardo Gonzalez: Another world under the water while scuba diving in Playa del Carmen and snorkeling in Cenotes in Playa del Carmen. It was truly unreal!

ADC: The worst thing I saw was:

RG: The crazy crowded subway in Mexico City. It’s insane.

ADC: My favorite memory is:

RG: Hanging out with my family back home.

ADC: I met someone who:

RG: Has inspired me very deeply. Art Basel – too many people!

ADC: Next I am off to:

RG: Europe in February then Mexico in March. It’s a living…

As told by Ricardo Gonzalez.