1. Philippe Meunier's Moodboard from ADC Talks: Creative Journeys in Montreal.

  2. Ignacio Oreamuno's Moodboard from ADC Talks: Creative Journeys in Montreal.

  3. Danielle Deboe Harper's Moodboard from ADC Talks: Creative Journeys in Cleveland.

ADC Talks Creative Journeys in Cleveland and Montreal

Last week, ADC launched a brand new international and ongoing event series debuting in the cities of Cleveland and Montreal entitled ADC Talks: Creative Journeys.

Produced in Apple stores all across the world, this series spotlights two creative entrepreneurs who share their insights on how to create self-made opportunities. They discuss who has influenced them, how they stay inspired, and what it has taken to stick to their own paths.

Our premiere event took place in Cleveland on Tuesday, September 9th. The two inspiring speakers were Jeff Finley and Danielle Deboe Harper, moderated by Todd Saperstein. Their discussion was focused on fear and sacrifice and how that can define success.

Jeff is the creator of the design and music festival, Weapons of Mass Creation. He is also a partner of Go Media and the author of Thread’s Not Dead, a book that some have deemed the “bible of T-shirt design”. He has gone through some interesting transitions in his life and loves to discuss what exactly it means to be inspired and how to make sense of it all – fear, resistance, laziness, and procrastination.

Danielle is the founder of Deboe Studio and a true believer in the Cleveland creative community. She organized Roar Along the Shore, a boat ride and evening concert extravaganza along Cleveland’s Lake Erie coast. She quit her job at Anthropologie 9 years ago and says she has never felt prouder:

“I am generally proud of the fact that I quit my job as the Visual Manager of Anthropologie nearly 9 years ago and have worked for myself since.”

“More specifically, I am proud of how some of my own efforts raised the bar in creating design-driven events and unique retail boutiques in my community.  And I am extraordinarily proud that I’ve apparently been an inspiration to others who have gone on to work for themselves, to conceptualize creative project that enhance the dynamics of our community and who have utterly switched their entire career trajectory to follow their passions.”

The moderator and unsung hero of the evening was Todd Saperstein, Visual Communications Program Chair at VMCAD and on the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation of Cleveland (AAF-CLE) and President of the AAF-CLE Education Foundations. He was extremely encouraging and full of words of wisdom:

“I think as entrepreneurs our “Fight or Flight” mechanism is wired differently. When we sense danger, we move towards it instead of away from it. We know that in the darkness lies the treasure.”

A day later on Wednesday, September 10th, our very own Board President, Philippe Meunier, and Executive Director, Ignacio Oreamuno spoke together at the Apple store in Montreal. Trailblazers in the advertising world, they focused on lessons learned in the past, how they currently view the industry at present, and personal versus professional life.

As Philippe said:

“If you never start with something personal, you will never grow professionally.”

Philippe Meunier is ADC’s recently announced new Board President. He is also the co-founder of Sid Lee, a creative agency with global offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Paris and Amsterdam. This provides Meunier with strong ties to the creative communities not only in North America, but across Europe as well.

Ignacio Oreamuno is the Executive Director of ADC. Before joining ADC, Ignacio founded IHAVEANIDEA in 2001, with the intention of creating a community-based publication that shared quality know-how by creatives, for creatives. He has lived in over ten countries throughout his life and loves to experience new cultures. All throughout, his intention has been to continue to improve the world’s creative industries.

They both believe in “doing the do”. If you dream about it, you should do it. There is no roadmap, there is no one size fits all. There is only you, your dreams, and your actions.

As Todd Saperstein said: “I think Christopher Columbus had the right idea, if you believe the world is round, then you just set sail. If you’re right you live, if you’re wrong, you fall off. There was one point that everyone got excited about and that was when we started talking about overcoming fear. This is a tool everyone needs in their arsenal.”

Our next ADC Talks: Creative Journeys will be with Dirk Eschenbacher and Lea Chen in Beijing on Tuesday, September 23rd. More info on that here.

If you wish to be a speaker in your city, please fill out this form. If you wish to be involved, volunteer, or just have questions, please reach out to emilym@adcglobal.org.

Keep dreaming, and keep doing!