— Shooting an Honest Portrait

PAYAM_300x300Award-winning photographer PAYAM continues to bring his subjects to life in a wide range of work – from landscape to editorial and advertising photography. Regardless of the project, PAYAM is known for his passion and remarkably honest approach he brings to shoots.

An apprenticeship with Annie Leibovitz began PAYAM’s career, after which he was recruited as First Assistant and Lighting Director for world-renowned photographers including Mark Abrahams, Wolfgang Ludes, Norman Watson, and Francesco Carrozzini.

A highly sought after lighting director, PAYAM has worked on many large-scale advertising campaigns, collaborating with leading agencies such as Publicis, Ogilvy Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey Worldwide. As an emerging photographer, PAYAM has shot for Mastercard, Matrix and Procter&Gamble as well as editorial clients including The Advocate, New York Magazine and Ladygunn.



Shooting a great portrait starts on a human level. In this School of Craft lesson, award-winning photographer and ADC Member PAYAM gives a 7-minute crash course on capturing an honest portrait — starting with relating to your subject, gaining their trust, understanding their body language and making the most of their energy. He also shares his favorite lighting and lens, but the most important part is how to get personal.


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