Matt Hill

— Creating Mixed Media Masterpieces

Matt-Hill_300x300Matt Hill is a storyteller and creative artist that embraces all media. He is adept with digital tools, marketing planning and execution, branding processes and many things that are essential to a brand’s care and feeding. Matt is also a lifelong visual artist, insatiable technology sponge, educator, lecturer and in passionate pursuit of living in the present.


Matt spends his days as Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at MAC Group working with a crack team to serve their fourteen brands’ digital needs. He also works on high-level messaging, naming and input for brand initiatives and launches.


By night, Matt is an artist merging 20+ years of technical and creative passion for long-exposure photography and paper art into new combinations.

He also teaches workshops, seminars and lectures on technical and creative topics, ranging from night photography and mashups to SEO, digital marketing and best practices for photographers using websites to market their business.



“Apply your creativity with someone else’s, and you will both do something better together.” Matt Hill is passionate about fusing all his passions, effectively creating his own mashup masterpiece. In this course, Matt shows us how to combine long-exposure night photography, cut paper art and barely-clothed models to create an incredible project that he calls
“Night Paper.”


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