School of Craft: Rich Tu Paints a Big Freakin’ Mural

ADC Young Guns winner recreates 30-foot mural from Ani Ramen House

Last week, ADC trumpeted the launch of ADC School of Craft, a brand new educational initiative in partnership with Skillfeed, the online marketplace for educational content. ADC School of Craft features members of the ADC community in short but insightful tutorials designed to enlighten, educate and inspire, and there are few people in that community who are more keen on teaching and sharing knowledge than ADC Young Guns 8 winner Rich Tu.

“Today we’re gonna learn how to do a big freakin’ mural!” — Rich Tu

An award-winning illustrator, designer and art director, Rich Tu brings his talents to School of Craft by way of a tutorial entitled “Illustrating a Mural”. In the video, Rich teaches you how to flesh out your concepts, choose your materials and work efficiently on a large. vertical surface. This is a perfect course for beginners and for those simply keen on seeing a fellow artist in action.

ADC School of Craft is free to all ADC Members and friends for 30 days, along with more than 45,000 other video tutorials available on Skillfeed.


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