Meet Sandra Lehnst, CEO of Lürzer’s Archive, as presented by Dr. Sigmund Bulb:

Sandra and ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno today announced a long-term partnership between the oldest international advertising and design club, and the most celebrated resource for advertising professionals worldwide.

This is big, really big. And awesome, really awesome. Why?

More than 25 years ago, a man named Walter Lürzer determined that there was no resource out there “hunting down and compiling advertising campaigns from around the world” and decided that he would fill that niche. Since 1984, Mr. Lürzer and his teams have been culling the best of the best, and now present them to the globe in the form of Lürzer’s Archive magazine, Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Specials, the Lürzer’s Archive website, plus a wide range of apps to 150,000 readers worldwide. Learn more about Mr. Lürzer here.

On a scale of connecting, provoking and elevating creative professionals worldwide – the mission that keeps your team at ADC motivated – Lürzer’s Archive scores a 10 in synergy.

What does this partnership mean for ADC members?

  • A trial subscription to Lürzer’s Archive magazine! If you like it, extend your subscription and continue to receive greatness at a reduced rate;
  • Reduced subscription rates for corporate ADC members (ask Ariel for more details at;
  • Support to make your 92nd ADC Annual Awards bigger, better and 100% dedicated to the craft of what we do…

… and the pièce de résistance: a new series of ADC Awards Magazines, chock full of inspiration, insight and a behind-the-scenes look at the people and the work committed to the craft of visual communications. Look for the first edition of the ADC Awards Magazine to drop in late 2012.

Top industry professionals who submit creative for publication in Lürzer’s Archive will now be able to seamlessly and simultaneously enter their work in the ADC Annual Awards.

That’s why it’s big, really big. And awesome, really awesome. And mostly, why we at ADC are proud, really proud, to launch this partnership with Lürzer’s Archive.