ADC Members’ Musings: Home Away From Home

ADC Members open up for the ADC website

Excluding your own desk, where is your favorite place to work and why?”


“My favorite place to work would be around Union Square here in New York City, whether it be in a small coffee shop or just sitting outside in the park. I always feel like taking in your surroundings is the best inspiration and what is more inspiring than living in the Big Apple? Most of my portfolio projects have been inspired from me working outside and doing quick sketches or taking photos so I can remember exactly what color I wanted or what something looked like.”

Amber Ferguson
Design Editor
Brooklyn, USA


“I like to work in someone else’s environment because I don’t have the personal distractions that inevitably interrupt concentration. When you’re at your own desk or office, you will always have something else to think about; another job, something to fix, bills to pay, or whatever. When you’re out of your system you sometimes can work in a freer mode. It’s like when you wear some friend’s shirt, one that you wouldn’t have bought yourself but suddenly it looks great on you and you feel that little moment of happiness and inspiration because you’re adopting another reality. Freeing yourself from yourself is something that should always be around, it’s key. If you can achieve that in your own place you’re a genius. It also relates to personal pre-concepts. Albert Einstein once said it’s more difficult to split a pre-concept than an atom!”

Federico Rozo
Graphic Designer
Buenos Aires, Argentina



“My favorite place to work would be the fifth floor lounge of the Alvin Ailey dance studio. A green high-backed tulip chair, with posters of the company’s great dancers in front of me and the New York skyline behind me. I steal a bit of Sunday afternoon to finish up the week before, prepare for the week ahead, or indulge in the New York Times, while my daughter dances in the studio above me.”



Alison Davis Curry
Project Manager
New York, USA



“In an airplane. When I’m flying it gives me the sense that I’m in a time machine and the ideas can come from more places. The state of mind that flying through the air at 500mph puts me in creates an energetic atmosphere where I feel I can work faster and without the boundaries or time. Great ideas are timeless.”

Stewart Traver
Art Director & Photographer
Brooklyn, USA



“At ‘Bar Magenta’, an old historical coffee bar in Milan. It’s a place of interest to let my creativity run free in a nice environment, where I spend hours and gladly drink café. Sketching from scratch feels more engaging there. Even knowing that Howard Schultz discovered the Italian coffee bar culture here, is amazing. I truly live in this genuine coffee culture that enables amazing creative relationships and unleashes new ideas.”


Emre Telli
Design & Art Direction Student
Milan, Italy


“I can’t walk and write. But I love to ride and write. Mostly on the Acela to DC, LIRR to Montauk or Greenport, or MetroNorth to Beacon. The scenes whizzing by me and the extended hours give me ample down time to channel the right words. You can find me in the quiet car.”

Katie Sherman
Senior Copy Director
Brooklyn, USA


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