ADC Members’ Musings: Creative Misconceptions

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“What is the biggest misconception that people have about creativity?”

Agnieszka Górska

“People believe that creativity is about finding your own original way, but most often creativity is based on benchmarking and copying something that works elsewhere.”

Agnieszka Górska
New Business Director
Krakow, Poland

Anya Ermakova

“That your work should please everyone. That creativity is fleeting – when in fact it’s a matter of regiment and skill; creativity is a muscle & you need to tone it. “

Anya Ermakova
Production Designer
New York. USA


“That only creatives are creative. It is one of the biggest obstacles for an agency to become truly innovative. Release your agency’s full potential by letting everyone participate with creative ideas.”

Niklas Lindström
Head of Digital
Forsman & Bodenfors
Stockholm, Sweden


“When it comes to doing creative work for a living, I think there is a pretty ubiquitous notion that it’s always fun, mostly pretty easy and comes naturally whereas, like anything else, being successfully creative is generally the result of consistent hard work, ambition, effort, self examination and practice.”

Jordan Metcalf
Graphic Designer / Letterer
Cape Town, South Africa


“To paraphrase John Cleese, creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating.”

Hector Muelas
Creative Director
San Francisco, USA


“The notion that creativity is an imaginative skill unrelated to critical thinking is erroneous. Whether scientists, such as Albert Einstein or Louis Pasteur, or artists, such as Pablo Picasso or Marcel Duchamp, the most creative people possess keen analytic tools of critical thought.”

Robin Landa
Author, Designer & Professor
New York, USA


“That it is magic. That it is the product of talent. That you either have it or you don’t. Creativity, like any other skill, is a case of ‘practice makes perfect’. I’m not saying that their aren’t inherent talents at play in the worlds of fine art, music, writing and performing, but the act of being creative is a standard human attribute.”

Don Smith
Executive Creative Director
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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