ADC Jury: Fruits of Their Labor

ADC 95th Annual Awards Jury show us their goods from the past year

When the ADC Awards team put together an incredible collection of men and women for the various juries of the ADC 95th Annual Awards, they were not just looking for people who could appraise phenomenal work, but also for people with impressive creative track records of their own.

Last week, we asked the jury to tell us about the work they’ve seen in the past year that blew them away. This time around, we wanted to know which of their own projects they found particularly satisfying.


joditerwilliger“I guess the coolest thing I’ve done this past year is our project with Zaha Hadid, in which we incorporated all of our toolsets: an immersive architectural environment, designed with Zaha and her team; a motion piece, projected in 270 degrees at 12 feet tall and 39 ft wide; lighting design; UX for the entire experience; and a very unique touch table. It was a huge project which took almost 2 years to complete, and I’m super proud of my team for crushing it. “

Jodi Terwilliger
Creative Director, HUSH (USA)
Motion Jury


EricaGorochow“Last year, alongside friends Sal Randazzo and Charlie Whitney, I released a game called Specimen. I think mobile gaming is ripe territory for those in motion design. I learned a massive amount on this side project and felt rewarded when Apple featured it as a best new game for the month of July.”

Erica Gorochow
Freelance Director, Designer & Animator (USA)
Motion Jury



bradsmithThe Serena Williams photo shoot, for Sportsperson of the Year. Followed by working with Mark Peterson at the Masters, Belmont and the US Open.”

Brad Smith
Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated (USA)
Design Jury


sarahwatson“We were given six weeks to reclaim New York for Seamless food delivery. We drummed up local pride, rebooted their voice, and dominated out of home. Seamless is officially back. “

Sarah Watson
Chief Strategy Officer, BBH New York (USA)
Advertising Jury




AndreasKioroglou“Actually, I am really proud of two projects; the innovative packaging we designed for “Choco Stafidenios” and the label we designed for “Hi” Olive Oil.”

Andreas Kioroglou
Founder, Creative Director, Matadog Design (Greece)
Design Jury


Leigh-Reyes“We’re very proud of Surf Labahan, a sustainable laundry-and-community solution we pioneered with Unilever Philippines. Using typhoon debris, a filtration system recycles grey water (which is usually just thrown away after doing the laundry by hand) into clean water that can then be used again for laundry, watering plants, and other community needs.”

Leigh Reyes
President, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe (Philippines)
Advertising Jury





saschalobe“Our new Corporate Design for the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin and the process of its development is certainly a project that has challenged and inspired us for the past 18 months.”

Sascha Lobe
Graphic Designer & Typographer, L2M3 Design (Germany)
Design Jury

Piera-Gelardi“The thing I was most proud of in the past year was Refinery29‘s 29Rooms event which was essentially a fun house of ideas. It brought our brand to life through 29 uniquely designed rooms housed in a Greenpoint warehouse. In partnership with a range of artists that crossed mediums, we create memorable, immersive experiences that covered topics such as body image, youth culture, and the formation of identity. To paint a picture of the experience, you entered through a clinical waiting room , passed through a glitter lips doorway, travelled to 3 international cities through the power of virtual reality, put your head inside clouds that played music, contemplated body dysmorphia in warped dressing rooms, blended into a fabric maze, and on and on.”

“The event was open to the public and it basically went viral over the course of two and a half days…we had over 6,000 people come through the space and reached millions of people on Instagram. “

“The whole time, I felt like I’d taken Molly or something… I was just having these waves of euphoria at the sheer scale and magic of what we’d accomplished and at the joy of people experiencing it. It was completely overwhelming in the best way!”
Piera Gelardi
Founder, Executive Creative Director, Refinery29 (USA)
Design Jury

StefanieDiGianvincenzo“One of my best pieces this past year was an interactive poster campaign for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust called ‘The Next Photo’.”

“What’s interesting about childhood eye cancer is that it can easily be detected on your smart phone. If you take a flash photo of your child and the photo shows up a white pupil in their eye, that’s a telltale sign of the disease.”

“To spread awareness, we created a series of posters of children’s eyes, printed with an innovative reflective ink that turned the black pupil white in flash photos.”

“The posters appeared in children’s hospitals, GP offices and childcare centres around the UK. So just by taking a flash photo of the poster, parents and carers would have an example of what to look for in their own photos.”

Stefanie DiGianvincenzo
Creative Director, AKQA (Australia)
Digital Jury



NickDavidgeA Small section of the World is probably the piece I’m most proud of from the past year or so. It was a very inspiring project to work on and hopefully inspired people who saw it. The subject of the documentary was a group of women from a small rural community in Costa Rica that really turned around the fortunes of their village through milling coffee. The film had a limited theatrical release and was accepted into multiple film festivals, screened at the United Nations and also the state department. And it’s currently available on Netflix.”

Nick Davidge
Executive Creative Director, Co-founder, GreenLight (USA)
Advertising Jury



The ADC 95th Annual Awards Call for Entries is now open, with deadlines in Digital extended to Friday, January 29, 2016.