ADC in Slovenia: Eduard Cehovin

The 89th ADC Awards Traveling Exhibition recently visited Slovenia. Hosting the show was ADC cube winner and Awards representative, Eduard Cehovin, who teaches Typography at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Ljubljana University, Slovenia. We sat down with Eduard to discuss the international creative market.

ADC is located in NY but has a global presence and audience. What international markets do you find the most interesting right now?

The new upcoming growing markets are BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India, China.

Tell me about the traveling show that recently went through Slovenia.

The traveling show was successful and extraordinary visited by the public. The special guest at the opening was ADC Director of Education, Flora Moir, who also gave lecture the following day of the opening to professionals and interested students. Her very informative and warm presence was a surplus benefit to the success of the ADC exhibition overall in Ljubljana. It would be good to continue with that practice.

There was an amazing collaboration between the city museums and the America Chamber of Commerce. How did that all come together?

I have very good personal relationship with both institutions. Beside that they were also interested in participating due to the fact that ADC is one of the distinguished institutions in the world.

What made the show so popular in Slovenia in particular?

There are not many (if any) international shows of visual communications in Slovenia. The ADC exhibition in Slovenia is always in respectable galleries and as such gives good relevance to the public.

What’s your favorite work from the show?

The Livestrong campaign.

As a teacher, what are your thoughts on international student competitions?

Student competitions offer good insight into variety of ideas that are brought and nourish within the educational institutions throughout the world.

What was your own experience like winning an ADC cube?

Due to the fact that I am situated in Slovenia, winning the ADC Cube Award did not make much difference in my professional life. Although it means a lot to me personally.

What are some of the creative trends in Eastern Europe right now?

As you know there are no more trends as it was common in the past. Now there are international creative personalities who are with their potential creativity moving world of visual communications step forward.

Tell me about your experience as an ADC rep – why did you get involved?

“Is the offer that you cannot refuse” (Godfather). The experience being the ADC representative has so far brought much intense work and knowing many interesting people.

As a creative, does it matter where you’re born anymore? Has mass communication made talent universal and transferable, or are there still entry boundaries in the international community?

The fields of visual communication by all means make talent universal in the sense that creativity has no nationality and borders. We all speak the same language. VISUAL ONE!

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects?

There is one upcoming project on which I have been working for some time. Hopefully it will be presented to the public.

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