Vladimir Golosiy’s LeftoverPrints

Name: LeftoverPrints
Location: Manhattan, New York
Craft: Photography and printmaking

Tell us a bit about you & what you make.
I am passionate about photography and printmaking. I work with digital and analog processes as well as illustration. Hope you enjoy my art on your walls. Thanks for visiting.

Favorite Holiday memory:
I love New York especially during holidays where everything lights up and looks like magic. It reminds me of my childhood and the time my family gathered around x-mas tree decorated with lights and toys.

This is the perfect Holiday gift because:
My photos are creative and personal – they make the prefect Holiday gift. All of my works are printed on a metallic paper, which makes for an unforgettable and unique gift that will impress anyone who appreciates quality and style.

This gift is for:
Anyone who loves the city, loves to travel and loves to dream of beautiful places. My photos will immediately take you on a journey through your wonderful memories of traveling and falling in love with new places and experiences all over again.