Cynthia Parsons McDaniel: The Paris Box

Name: Cynthia Parsons McDaniel 
Collage, Illustration & Diorama


Tell us about who you are & what you make. 

I am a former Emmy nominated TV producer and film executive and currently a journalist and radio contributor. I am currently an illustrator and work in the medium of collage and diorama. I’m also a visual storyteller and I’ve just finished classes at the National Academy of Art. I am having an exhibition early next year, in February.


My favorite Holiday memory:

Spending Christmas in our 100-year-old house in New England with antique decorations throughout.


This is the perfect Holiday gift because:

The reason this is a good gift is you can fill a picture of somebody in the frame that is empty or simply leave it empty if you love Paris – or even if you don’t. This is a beautiful box I can hang on the wall or lay on the table.