Smith Street Candle Company: Warm Up

Name: Smith Street Candle Company
Location: Boreum Hill, Brooklyn
Craft: Small batch, handmade candles

Tell us a bit about you & what you make. 

Jenny and Rick are a married team making candles in their kitchen. Jenny is a graphic designer and animator for The Daily Show, and Rick’s an senior art director at an advertising agency. They started making candles as a way to do something with their hands after a long day of staring at computer screens.

Favorite Holiday memory:

We started dating in winter in Chicago, and for our first date we went ice skating at night. It was mostly empty except for one skater dressed in a full-on Santa costume, beard and all. We still have that picture somewhere.

This is the perfect Holiday gift because:

It’s the perfect combination of wintry scents and warm light illuminating our tiny apartments. Perfect for those of us who long to have a fireplace.

This gift is for…

Everybody. Everybody loves candles.

Where can we shop you in-person?

Our line is carried exclusively at Woods Grove on Court Street in Cobble Hill.