Shauna Panczyszyn’s Paper Goods

Name: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn
Location: Orlando, FL
Craft: Illustrator

Tell us about you & what you make. 

My name is Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn and I am a hand lettering artist and illustrator in Orlando. I make fun, illustrated paper goods aimed at those who are young at heart.

Favorite Holiday Memory:

My favorite holiday memory… that is a tough one, because any year spent with my family is a favorite holiday memory for me. We have traditions that we honor each year, such as watching the Macy’s holiday parade, football, making my grandma’s rice, making my grandpa’s standing rib roast, and using my grandma’s antique gravy shaker to make gravy from scratch. Being with each other makes every holiday season wonderful. But if I had to pinpoint just one, I would have to say my first Christmas season as a freelancer. It was the first time I’d been truly relaxed in years. I didn’t have coworkers having me work remotely, I had clients respecting that it was the holiday season, and I didn’t have schoolwork keeping me working my whole time at home. I was able to just sit back and relax with my family and our dogs.

This is the perfect gift for the Holidays because: 

Who doesn’t need cards? My family and I have this game where we try to outdo each other on cards every year, and if we manage to make one cry with a very sentimental one, then it’s a win. However, there was one year my sister and I each got our mom the exact same sentimental card and couldn’t stop laughing because we apparently thought the same thing about her that year. Back to the topic at hand though, I don’t think I’ve met one person who doesn’t like a handwritten card sent to them for the holidays or paper goods to add to their collections.

This is the perfect gift for: 

Anyone. There’s something for everyone here.