Piggyback Letterpress

Name: Lee Zuniss of Piggyback Letterpress
Location: Soho, New York City
Craft: Letterpressing

Tell us who you are and what you make.

My name is Lee Zuniss and I am the president & founder of piggybackletterpress.com We are an artisan letterpress shop located in the historic Soho district in New York City.  Almost three years ago, we figured out a way to make handcrafted letterpress business cards affordable through the “It takes a village” approach.  Where fellow Piggybackers share the ‘burden’ of the cost of setting up your letterpress run. Our Cranes, 100% cotton paper is luxurious, our ink is a rich, and our standard for quality is unprecedented.  Feel for yourself 🙂

Favorite Holiday memory:

My brother and I were kids, and during a holiday dinner we were playing around.  Somehow a piece of baked ham was thrown into the air, and landed and stuck to my grandmother’s forehead.

This is the perfect Holiday gift because:

“Gift-giving” is a skill.  One of the things that make a gift special, is it being personalized.  A set of Piggyback letterpress business / calling cards are literally personalized.  Let’s call a spade a spade, letterpressed business cards are a pretty classy gift.  In the spirit of the holidays we are offering our “non-profit” and “student pricing to all.

This is the perfect gift for:

Humans and other animals over the age of 3.