Peach Tao’s Handpulled Prints

Name: Peach Tao
Location: NYC
Craft: Illustration

Tell us about you & what you make.


I’m an illustrator who loves printmaking. I make handpulled prints including etching, woodcut, and silk screen. I also make clothing and accessories like buttons, fridge magnets, and my personal favorite – temporary tattoo stickers.


Favorite Holiday memory.


I spent a good six weeks doing a printmaking residency in Venice, from thanksgiving to after new year. It was fantastic to be there in winter. The frequent flooding, the misty and silent canals at night, the Christmas mass at Saint Marco’s basilica and New Year’s Eve fireworks all made me feel like I was on a magical carpet ride .


This gift is perfect for the Holidays because:


It’s made with love and fun !


This gift is perfect for: 


Everyone! Especially people who love the Wutang Clan – I made Wutang Clan illustrations that goes along an interview with Rza in a book about NYC that just came out. And now the figures are available as tattoos, t-shirts, tote bags and more.