Holiday By Isabel

Name: Isabel Castillo Guijarro
Location: NYC via Madrid
Craft: Illustration

Tell us who you are and what you make.

Hola! I’m a New York based designer and illustrator from Madrid (Spain). I work for Refinery29 as designer for branded content and just recently, I’ve been making prints!

Favorite Holiday Memory:

In Spain we don’t get gifts from Santa, we get them from The Three Wise Kings and. My most treasured memory is waking up early that day and run down the stairs with my sister and she what they left us under the tree! I’m 26 and still get excited. To this day, my dad still reminds my sister and I that we need to write a letter “a los Reyes Magos” on time if we want anything. He is the best.

This gift is perfect for the Holiday because:

It works for any Holiday. It’s bright, bold, colorful and a little bit pink.

This gift is great for:

Design lovers, type lovers, pattern lovers, pink lovers, art lovers, print lovers, poster lovers, geometry lovers…