Adam J. Kurtz’s Stocking Popper

Name: Adam J. Kurtz
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Craft: Design

Tell us a bit about you & what you make.
I’m a designer, artist and author of a few illustrated books including a new journal called PICK ME UP. Everything I do is about communicating a feeling, usually very literally.

Favorite Holiday memory.
Growing up, we were only allowed to open one present per night of Hanukkah, so we would shake the boxes, secretly peel back corners, and otherwise try to figure out the order of which to open first. If you think waiting ’til Christmas morning is hard, imagine staring at a wrapped present for 8 nights not knowing what’s inside!

This is the perfect Holiday gift because:
The holidays are a little less magical as adults because, well, we know how the sausage is made now. The holidays bring out a bit of a monster in all of us as we stress and struggle to make things perfect, so more likely than not, these balloons are going to come in handy.

This gift is for:
These are a great designy gift for that person in your life that claims to not want any gifts, or a really great adult stocking stuffer because there are 12 per pack.