ADC Festival: SapientNitro’s computerized cocktails

Digital powerhouse reinvents the bar experience for Tomorrow Awards party

The sun has set on a gorgeous Miami Beach weekend, but there’s no rest for the wickedly creative, as last minute details are being ironed out for the start of the ADC Festival tomorrow. And among those preparing for the action and excitement to come is the team from SapientNitro, who are the official sponsors of the Tomorrow Awards Night Celebration, taking place tomorrow night.

ADC wandered down to the James Royal Palm Hotel’s South Shore Rum Bar, location of the post-Tomorrow Awards party, and met with Fernando Castro, art director at SapientNitro’s Atlanta office. As his colleagues toyed with touchscreens and cables, Fernando gave us the scoop on their “interactive bar.”

ADC: It looks like you guys are building something rather fun. Tell us a bit about what you’re installing.

Fernando: We’ve jokingly called this a Disneyland for adults. We’ve been experimenting with a drink delivery system, linking together smartphones, RFID tags and mapping to streamline the drink ordering process. This way, instead of spending time lined up at the bar, you can actually socialize with your friends.

ADC: From what I can see, the interface looks stunning. 

Fernando: Thanks! Beyond the tech stuff that powers this installation, we wanted to make something that was also beautiful. We had a lot of fun designing the visuals and crafting the copy you’ll see with every drink you order.

ADC: This “interactive bar” will be taking place on the same evening as the Tomorrow Awards, an event that celebrates creative and technological innovation. This almost sounds like something that could be entered into the show!

Fernando: This is a prototype that we’ve been building which we hope to use in future applications. The Tomorrow Awards is the perfect place for SapientNitro to try it out, and hopefully all goes well. Who knows, maybe you’ll see it in next year’s show!