ADC Festival: Humming with Hungry Castle

Festival presenters invade Miami Beach

The ADC Festival doesn’t commence until tomorrow, but the buzz is definitely building, as ADC staff, workshop presenters and esteemed guests have already begun to descend on Miami Beach and the beautiful James Royal Palm Hotel.

Some of the presenters are already making an in-town impact. Hungry Castle, the Barcelona-based creative duo who will be both starting things off with the first workshop of the Festival as well as closing it all with the unveiling of Laser Cat on Wednesday, have been cruising about town in a bright yellow ‘Cool Shit’ electric Hummer. We caught up with Dave Glass and Killian Cooper of Hungry Castle as they illegally parked in front of the New World Center, home of the Festival finale.

ADC: Welcome to Miami Beach! What have you guys been up to?

Dave: Thanks! We have been having a blast since getting here. Of course we’ve been preparing for our workshop and for Laser Cat, but we have also taken some time to soak up some of the culture here in Miami.

Killian: We just got back from Wynwood, one of Miami’s more famous graffiti districts. It’s an amazing, inspiring area, and it really helps to set the artistic mood for the rest of the week.

ADC: You have the honor/challenge of being the first workshop of the Festival. We know from your promo video that you will be having fun with Lionel Richie’s head once again. What can we expect?

Dave: This is going to be a very hands-on workshop, designed to get people to have fun simply creating things, as well as to lower inhibitions and pretentiousness when making art. We will be getting messy, and there will be prizes and surprises!

ADC: And how about Laser Cat? This thing has been months in the making. Are you ready to unleash it on the world?

Killian: I know we will be ready for Wednesday night. It’s all coming together better than we expected. The art that was submitted has been fantastic, and Laser Cat will be projecting the best of the best. It’s funny, people are showing up to the box office at the New World Center asking about Laser Cat. But hey, they’ll get to see him if they’re attending the Festival!