ADC Executive Director’s Open Door Policy

“What is a Club supposed to be?” is the question Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno asks himself and his ADC team every day as they work furiously to set a new standard under Oreamuno’s vision.

Oreamuno is not asking the question because he does not know the answer, but rather because he is raising the bar. Not only for the Art Directors Club, but for Clubs worldwide.

At the core of his vision and mission is a commitment to you: ADC’s members. A commitment that the Club should be a neutral ground for you, as a member, to network, learn and grow, be inspired, feel supported, question yourself, see your ideas and work come to life, meet new friends, partners and mentors, and most importantly, to have fun.

New events and series will be announced in the coming months that will have you kicking back in the ADC Gallery over a beer and some popcorn, exploring the world while connecting with your fellow ADC members, finding inspiration outside of the doldrums of your everyday routine and questioning the boundaries of your careers.

What does the Club mean to you? What can ADC provide to you as a member that it is not currently providing? Ignacio wants to hear your ideas and questions, which is why he has opened up 30 minutes of his day to ADC members. He invites you to visit the Club over a Café Cubano (see the video above or here for a lesson in making your own Cuban coffee) or perhaps something colder and more refreshing in these hot summer months.

To make an appointment with Ignacio, please contact Ariel at