ADC Annual 91: Design Museum’s Design of the Year 2014

Cast your votes for ADC's acclaimed annual

Way, way back in the year 2012, ADC published ADC Annual 91, the final physical volume of the oldest continuously printed annual in the industry. ADC’s hardcover swan song went out with a bang, winning accolades and awards the world over.

And even today, two years later, the Annual is still getting lots of love. London’s Design Museum, is holding Designs of the Year 2014, (and let’s get the quotes around this, shall we?) “an exhibition of the most innovative, interesting and forward-looking design of all kinds, from around the world,” and the ADC Annual is part of the exhibition, as well as part of a “social jury”, whereby you the public decide one design to rule them all, so to speak. Two design projects enter, one design project leaves.

As of right now, ADC Annual 91 is leading with 64% of the vote, but hey, feel free to push us over the edge! Click here for more details.


Agency: DDB New York
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Art Director: Carlos Wigle
Copywriter: Aron Fried
Designers/Typographers: Juan Carlos Pagan, Brian Gartside, Joanne O’Neill
Illustrator: Rami Niemi
Art Producers: Carol Brandwein, Jane Piampiano