ADC Adventure Club Saddles Up & Winds Down

What does it take to get eleven city slickers to spend their Saturday bundled up and wandering around…New Jersey? ADC Adventure Club has the answer: the promise of a magical winter horseback ride, some good wine, and the chance to connect with some of ADC’s most adventurous members. This weekend, Discover Outdoors led another fun-filled excursion that packed in all three, trotting along five miles of NJ trails and stopping off for relaxation and conversation at a Hudson Valley vineyard before heading back to see what havoc Santacon had wrought upon the city.

Our fearless guide Sam Combs of Discover Outdoors gracefully led the way for rookie and veteran riders alike. With names like Desperado and Gringo, some of the horses were a bit wild at heart and gave our pack a brisk and exciting ride. But with the snow falling gently (and everyone’s cellphones, iPads, and laptops safely in the van) it was a picturesque and calming opportunity to connect with nature.

With warming thoughts in everyone’s minds, it was off to Warwick, NY for some wine tasting and recuperation. The vineyard café provided just the cozy atmosphere needed to shake off any lasting shivers and live music entertained as the bottles were passed around—tour guide Sam even roused the crowd with a couple cover songs of his own.

Thanks as always to Discover Outdoors for leading the pack and AFAR Magazine and Down to Earth Trail Mix for sponsoring.

Join us for some snowshoeing and a brewery tour in the Hudson Valley on the next ADC Adventure Club outing, January 12th!