ADC 91st Call for Entries Open

Audio NSFW. Keep fighting the good fight. Featuring Lewis Black. Enter now.

The Art Directors Club, the premier organization for creatives in integrated media and the first global creative collective of its kind, today announced a lively new campaign by DDB New York to promote the call for entries for the ADC 91st Annual Awards.

The integrated campaign, launching online today at and through a global print mailing on November 1, encourages creative teams around the world to "Keep fighting the good fight" despite obstacles to creating great work.

DDB, serving as the club’s creative partner for the ADC 91st Annual Awards, developed all aspects of the campaign strategy and execution. The agency worked with Finnish illustrator Rami Niemi to design artwork for nine CFE posters and postcards showing humorous situations in modern day advertising that illustrate the impediments and obstacles to creating great work.

The posters include headlines such as "I think we should schedule a meeting" overlaying a visual of a meeting already in progress. Another poster, depicting a photo shoot for a can of unbranded tuna, has a client stating, "I want it to be Irving Penn meets Helmut Newton."

The agency also tapped renowned comedian Lewis Black, famous for his idiosyncratic comedy style, to create an original rant recording for the campaign. The animated rant video features Black channeling his inner advertising creative and fuming about the pressures of agency life with double-edged witticisms such as, "Comedy routines are developed over lifetimes. Movie scripts are crafted over years. But a compelling message to woo consumers into a buying frenzy… Yeah, we’re gonna need that by three o’clock."

The agency has also created online banner advertising that will appear on leading advertising and design industry sites.

"DDB New York went above and beyond the call of duty to give us a truly integrated campaign," said Olga Grisaitis, director, ADC. "Creatives will relate to the portrayal of the challenges they face each day in the creative process."

"We wanted to give a nod to all the pain and suffering that every creative person goes through in order to produce a great idea," said Matt Eastwood, chief creative officer, DDB New York. "From getting the idea through the account team to the client meeting to the final production, there are so many hurdles and so many casualties. We wanted to encourage creatives to ‘Keep fighting the good fight’ because in the end, an ADC Cube makes it all worthwhile."