ADC Young Guns

ADC Young Guns are the fulcrum of the ADC community. They are the up-and-coming talent, the creatives who can’t be categorized, and their influence extends far beyond their massive Instagram followings.

Did you know?

a. The acceptance rate for ADC Young Guns is lower than most Ivy Leagues (6%)

b. Stefan Sagmeister was in the first class of ADC Young Guns

c. Young Guns speak at Apple stores worldwide


Sponsoring ADC Young Guns means two major opportunities:

1. Events — As a sponsor, you are welcome to do a custom activation at two parties (one in the spring when we launch the competition, and one in the fall when we announce the winners.) Each party is sold out with 400+ attendees. Warning: things will get wild.

2. Content — Whether its a co-branded blog column or a video series, ADC will be your co-producer in communicating your brand to this special group.

ADC Young Guns are international, diverse and are on the forefront of what it means to be a creative in the 21st century.


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