Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring ADC, or one of the programs in the ADC Global Network, is ideal for partners who want to reach the longest-running and most diverse international community of creative minds through focused, meaningful, relevant networking and partnership efforts.

An investment with ADC specifically means:

  1. Bringing valuable programming and events to top creative professionals across the spectrum of visual communications. In doing so, ADC will share the message that your company reinvests its profits back into the careers of the creatives that support its products.
  2. ADC and its partners share an understanding that while a part of the partnership will include traditional branding and promotional efforts, ADC is neither an agency creating campaigns, nor a media firm placing campaigns. As such, any partner must share ADC’s belief that you cannot make an advertising campaign to target advertising creatives. Instead, it’s about meaningful human connection.
  3. It is very important that ADC’s partners believe in human connections and the value of networking, and have both the ability and structural team in place to monetize the personal introductions that ADC will facilitate around the globe.
  4. Although ADC will blanket its channels as appropriate with partner logos and branding, partners will not focus exclusively on logo presence, but will instead focus on the quality and value of the networking opportunities that ADC facilitates, making everything we do together better for the industries and individuals we reach.
  5. ADC’s partners will be realistically strategic. While ADC will provide partners with performance reports and recaps, merely counting banner ad clickthroughs and logo placements makes little sense when compared to understanding the value of an introduction that could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for a partner. Promoting relationships is one of ADC’s core strengths, and is where the opportunity lies for any partner.


ADC prefers to cultivate long-term working relationships with its partners. To this end, ADC and its partners must always keep a long-range view of their partnership in order to foster and grow opportunities and potential for both parties, while simultaneously achieving present quarterly and annual goals.

To learn more about who is currently supporting ADC and its programming, visit the Sponsors page.

For more information about sponsoring ADC, or one of the programs in the ADC Global Network (such as the ADC Festival, Portfolio Night, the ADC Annual Awards, ADC Young Guns and more), please contact Marketing + Communications Manager, Claire Wasserman, at claire@adcglobal.org.