Mighty Jaxx

Mighty Jaxx is founded in 2012 by Jackson Aw in Singapore, a creative who loves collecting artworks from his favorite artists. Upon realizing that most 2D artists are not able to create 3D art, Jackson made it his mission is to turn extraordinary ideas into reality. Working mainly on sculptures, Mighty Jaxx collaborates with internationally renowned artists to produce Limited Edition figures.

With a strong focus on urban art, Mighty Jaxx also collaborated with lifestyle brands such as Threadless and New Balance, creating unique designs for them. Mighty Jaxx also curate events in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and USA, connecting with collectors worldwide. As of 2015, Mighty Jaxx have produced over 100 figures and have delivered to over 50 countries!

ADC is proud to have partnered with Mighty Jaxx in creating the 2015 Portfolio Night All-Stars trophy,  awarded to “the best portfolio in the room” at 24 events worldwide on May 20, 2015.

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