• New York, NY

Dany Lennon (Secretary)

The Creative Register Inc. is an ‘exclusive’ company that represents extremely accomplished ‘high level’ creative makers and thinkers across multi disciplines worldwide. It embraces the merging markets that are multiple within the communications, marketing, and experience fields. It’s focus is always on two elements: the people that they ‘represent’ and the ‘growth trajectory’ of their career paths, and indeed the ‘blue print’ evolution of their partner companies they share their maverick roster of talent with. The Creative Register Inc’s entire passion is to perpetually ‘evolve’ equally to the people and companies that they work along side. It’s endeavor is to effect ‘change’ that will ultimately create better, more productive environments that embrace the future relentlessly. And to assist the people they represent in encouraging education and staying relevant, thus allowing their skills sets to never experience an expiration date.

The Creative Register Inc is also committed to encouraging responsibility to human life, purposefulness, and making a contribution that is both physically and mentally healthy for the evolution of mankind. A mantra that is imperative to both our employees as well as the relationships we have externally.