Ignacio Oreamuno

Ignacio Oreamuno is the Executive Director of ADC. With his ambitious vision and drive to dramatically change the industry by bringing art and craft back to advertising and design, he is a natural creative leader.

Before joining ADC, Ignacio founded IHAVEANIDEA in 2001, with the intention of creating a community-based publication that shared quality know-how by creatives, for creatives.

Soon thereafter, Ignacio launched Portfolio Night, the world’s first-ever international portfolio review. Both initiatives grew at lightning speed, which solidified his path to inspiring creatives around the world.

In the following years, Ignacio was named one of Marketing Magazine’s “Ones to Watch Under 30,” and he launched two new initiatives: the Tomorrow Awards, an international award show without categories, exclusively focused on teaching and learning; and Giant Hydra, a first-of-its-kind mass-collaboration creative tool for agencies.

Having lived in ten countries across Latin America, Europe and North America throughout his life, Ignacio is no stranger to travel and new cultures. He is known for living his life in an airplane, for his taste for fine food and wine, and for never stopping in his tireless quest to improve the global creative industries.