Brett McKenzie

Brett is ADC’s nattily dressed Creative Manager. Working alongside the Club’s phenomenal event and social media teams, Brett spearheads many of ADC’s touchpoints, from the ADC website, emails and ADC Magazine to the club’s numerous live and recorded events.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Brett began his creative career in various Canadian agencies, while concurrently playing a major role in IHAVEANIDEA, an industry initiative founded by former ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno. While agency life was rewarding, it was through IHAVEANIDEA that Brett truly found his niche: travelling the world, meeting superstar creative directors and young up and comers and sharing their stories with the world. Brett has long been an integral part of Portfolio Night — an IHAVEANIDEA program that has blossomed under the ADC umbrella — and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the globe-spanning program. However, if Brett has made one indelible (albeit anonymous) mark on the creative industry, it is that he was the writer behind “Make The Logo Bigger“, a hard rocking anthem for designers everywhere that still makes the rounds through agencies and studios to this day.

Outside of the world of creative communications, Brett enjoys cooking and exploring the city by bicycle, and has a lifelong love of golden age hip-hop music and all things James Bond.