ADC Brand Assets

All active ADC Members, Ambassadors, Sponsors and Partners are welcome to use the ADC logo and branding assets as a badge of honor, or to promote an official affiliation with ADC. Please follow the Brand Guidelines below.

Inspired by the signature of Albrecht Dürer — arguably the world’s first ‘commercial artist’ to sell prints of his work on the street, rather than on commission — this monogram was revived with the birth of the Art Directors Club in 1920.

“ADC’s mission: to ensure commercial art is judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.”

The Club’s monogram went through several iterations over the next nine decades, notably in 2002 by Pentagram partner and ADC Hall of Fame laureate, Paula Scher. In 2014, award-winning creative agency Sid Lee and ADC Young Gun Simon Chénier-Gauvreau re-imagined the ADC brand into what you see today.


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Usage Guidelines


ADC’s mark includes the “ADC” monogram logo, the “ADC Global Awards & Club” full logo, the extended ADC pattern logos, the name “Art Directors Club” and “Art Directors Club, Inc.”

There is no apostrophe in Art Directors Club.
Do not refer to ADC is the “Art Director’s Club” or “Art Directors’ Club.”

When using the acronym “ADC,” do not use the word “the” before it.
For example: “I’m proud to be a member of ADC.”

Exception: when referring to an entity within ADC.
(such as “the ADC event I attended” or “the ADC Gallery”)


Protection Area


When using the ADC logo with other logos or graphic elements, maintain a protection area that equals the width and height of the “AD” contained within the “C”.




  • Don’t rotate the logo.
  • Don’t play with the proportions of the logo.
  • Don’t apply a color to the logo.
  • Don’t apply a gradient to the logo.
  • Don’t squeeze the logo.
  • Don’t overlap or make a pattern with the logo.


Brand Colors


01. Charcoal grey
— Pantone 440 U
(CMYK) 72,63,67,71

02. Rich blue
— Pantone 2945 U
(CMYK) 100,99,31,31

03. Gold
— Pantone 871 C
(CMYK) 31,25,49,0

04. Copper
— Pantone 876 C
(CMYK) 29,54,53,0

05. Silver
— Pantone 8001 C
(CMYK) 24,19,20,0

06. Light grey
— Pantone 434 U
(CMYK) 7,6,6,0