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ADC Member Jennifer Young Ko shares a musical discovery

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By Jennifer Young Ko

It’s been a harsh winter this year. For what seemed to be three long never ending months, I watched the snow blanket the streets sending it to sleep. And normally my motivation is on my side but at the start of this year, it was long gone daydreaming for sunnier skies. So, when the first signs of Spring said “hello” with the ray of the sun; a long exhale escaped from me where suddenly the urge for me to rediscover the city like a long lost friend pulled me outside.

Living in a city like New York, I can really feel the cells in my body that were once dormant spring back to life; as I walk past the street vendors, store front shops, and another newly constructed real estate building. There were even moments where my eye would catch what looked like a familiar face, but the moment came and went, as our two bodies moved past each other, walking in opposite directions.

Aside from the visceral feeling of being alive, another thing I noticed urbanites can’t live without are their mobile devices.  I too carry a handheld device like a modern day appendage and insert the white earphones into my ears to mostly drown out the subway noise via the Soundcloud stream.   But sometimes there are perfect moments when I walk its frenetic streets and the perfect song comes on that fits like a glove, for that very moment.

“ We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world

We just had to keep walking

And we became the stories, we became the places

We were the lights, the deserts, the faraway worlds

We were you before you even existed. ”

On that day, as the music slowly started to fade away, I stood outside my destination staring at the dark wooden doors of ABC Carpet and Home located at 888 Broadway on the corner of 19th St.  Entering into the mouth of the door,  I was instantly immersed in what felt like an ancient sanctuary in a modern day gallery.  It was the kind of place where you could open the sandbox of your creativity to design a home that is both holistic in nature and comfortably contemporary.

Beneath the soft glow from the crystal chandeliers, my mind’s eye could visualize a wide open colorful rug on a living room floorleading to a meditative Buddha sitting peacefully on a terrace. As I walked quietly through the cafe, I spotted a large wooden chair with a maple colored finish made from what looked like a recycled tree trunk.

Paulette Cole, CEO and creative director of ABC Home, is the second generation owner of the New York institution who envisioned and created a forward-thinking business that would bring sustainable and socially responsible products into homes.

Upstairs a colorful Ganesh happily surrounded by fresh flowers sat so peacefully with his large stomach that is able to digest both the good and bad in life. Maybe one day, I thought, he would teach me how to do the same.

I was there for a live performance of Shyam Lila, Adam Bauer’s debut Kirtan album. The performance was kirtan music, as it was Adam’s desire to foster community from the belief that this thing we call Life is a journey we are on together.

Those present were captivated by the sounds they heard. What struck me the most while watching the performers was the clothing they wore, how clean and simple the fabrics looked and wondered how it must have felt on the skin. Then all too soon, the performance ended in gratitude with Adam acknowledging the loving village it took to making his dream into a reality.

What was equally amazing was witnessing the meeting of Paulette Cole and Adam Bauer come full circle that had it not been for Ms. Cole’s encouragement and her gift of a harmonium to Adam he might have remained undiscovered and the celebration of his album, Shyam Lila, may have never taken place.

I felt thankful to be part of the event that uplifted the spirits of everyone in the room, it reminded me to follow more of the bliss because such as the seasons of Life –Winter never fails to turn to spring. – Buddhism Quote

Photo Credits:
Thich Nhat Hanh‘s calligraphy
Designs by Aviva Stanoff
Adam Bauer’s album celebration

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