90th Awards Gala: Will McGinness

The 90th ADC Annual Awards Gala is fast approaching! ADC invites you to celebrate the best creative work of the year on May 10th at the Hotel Eventi Ballroom in New York City. In preparation we asked members of this year’s Awards Jury to share their creative wisdom. Will Mcginess is Chair of the Interactive Jury, and has recently joined Venables Bell & Partners after seven years at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, where he was creative director, associate partner, working across all media as an interdisciplinary creative.

What inspires you to create?

Well, I guess inspiration can come from anywhere, which I know is an expected answer, but it’s true. Honestly, what drives me is probably fear and ego. It’s a horrible thing to admit, but it is what keeps me going. I don’t want to be the guy spewing out garbage that pollutes people’s lives. I want to do work that makes people think, laugh or adds something of value.

What are the key components to a strong campaign?

It has to be a campaign worth talking about. This is something that we’ve always known, but the Internet and social media have made it painfully obvious and I like that. Now more than ever we have the tools to follow whether our work resonates with people. I generally feel that if the work is good, it’s worth showing to your friends who aren’t in advertising. Or it’s something that I’m excited to talk about at a cocktail party. So likability is probably one of the most important components.

In addition to being contagious, the work needs to bury an earwig of truth about the brand or product in the consumer’s brain. This sounds kind of nefarious, but I think people ultimately respect that. We don’t give the consumer enough credit – they generally like smart communication and appreciate the work more for it. That and sneezing pandas, which are just always awesome.

While judging here at the ADC what moments have you enjoyed the most?

I love the debate as it allows you to get in between the cracks and really understand the nuances of our industry.

We’re still going through a lot of change, and everyone has a slightly different perspective on what makes for great digital advertising. It’s hard to define at this point, which leads to a healthy discussion about what work deserves to be recognized in a digital show. That’s when people get angry, that’s when the gloves come off – that’s when the judging gets interesting.

The 90th Annual Awards Presentation & After-Party is taking place May 10th at the Hotel Eventi Ballroom. Please buy tickets in advance.