90TH AWARDS GALA: Kristin Bergem

The 90th ADC Annual Awards Gala is fast approaching! ADC invites you to celebrate the best creative work of the year on May 10th at the Hotel Eventi Ballroom in New York City. In preparation we asked members of this year’s Awards Jury to share their creative wisdom. Kristin Bergem from the Interactive Jury works as a creative/copywriter at Peacock, an independent creative agency in Stockholm.

What inspires you to create?

To see fresh work from brilliant creatives is what inspires me the most. Because that kind of inspiration is real – it proves that it is possible and doable. No blaming the client, no blaming the budget – creativity is about overcoming all that. There is no excuse, if they can do it so can I. Or so you tell yourself, anyways – and I guess that is the whole point of inspiration – to make you think you can do better than before.

What are the key components to a strong campaign?

A strong campaign no longer requires several components, it is all about strong executions – and often one is enough. Look at Wooper Sacrifice, one of my favorite campaigns from CP+B, which sells the idea of burgers that are so good you would sacrifice your Facebook friends to get one. Because the Facebook execution is so strong – who cares if there are print ads, films or other components in the campaign? The campaign will spread regardless of that, because it has tapped into a consumer insight that is spot on.

I think we will see more and more campaigns where one great execution is the bearing element of a campaign. Simply because people do not pass on a whole campaign. They pass on the best component.

While judging here at the ADC what moments have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed meeting the other judges, and getting the chance to discuss advertising for two whole days.