11 years of karlssonwilker

11 years of karlssonwilker – Friday, June 22 at the ADC Gallery

A free conference/show/forum/symposium – 2-5pm:
Please join Jan & Hjalti for an afternoon with James Victore, Paul Sahre (as the MC) & Emily Oberman, Stefan Sagmeister, Jon Burgerman, Chris Speed, Scott Stowell, and more. It will be an intimate mix of talk, discussion, show and performance.

11 years of karlssonwilker PARTY – 8-11pm:
You are happily invited to karlssonwilker’s 11-year anniversary party at the ADC Gallery – from 8pm onwards to celebrate, talk, drink and party. Oh, yes, free drinks! The $10 cover goes to the ADC. See you there!