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  1. ADC Gallery / Nov 5

    A Purposeful Partnership: Art Directors & Illustrators

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  2. Namur/Belgium / Nov 6

    KIKK Festival 2014

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  3. DUMBO / Nov 6

    ADC Walks: DUMBO

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  4. Museum of the City of New York / Nov 10

    Sex, Sexism, and Three-Martini Lunches: A Mad Man and Mad Woman Tell All

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  5. Humber School / Nov 13

    InspirADCion Screening at Humber College

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  6. Manhattan Bridge Archway / Nov 20

    Laser Cat DUMBO

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  1. Video

    ADC Young Guns 11 Party

  2. Video

    Milton Glaser on Making Miracles

  3. Video

    ADC Festival 2014: A Look Back

  4. Video

    ADC InspirADCion: Lee Clow on Steve Jobs

  5. Video

    ADC Behind The Cube: DDB New York's Matt Eastwood discusses "Hashtag Killer"

More ADC

  1. Education

    School of Craft: Matt Hill Mashes Media Magically

  2. Young Guns

    ADC Young Guns 12 Winners Announced

  3. Design

    School of Craft: Crescenzi Designs Logos That Last

  4. ADC Portfolio Night

    Rosetta steps up as City Host for PN13 Los Angeles

  5. Education

    School Spotlight: Savannah College of Art and Design

  6. Young Guns

    Timothy Goodman: Celebrate Focus

  7. Design

    Design Notes: Julian Alexander

  8. Design

    Ivan Cash: Howard's Farm

  9. Photography

    Up close (very close) with Bruce Gilden

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